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The manual is a description of the key installation requirements of BAS Sp. z o.o. In case of independent installation, incompliant with the manual, any possible defects found in windows and doors cannot be subject to complaints. Only a window that has been installed correctly is a good window able to fulfil its functions and provide protection against the loss of heat, provide noise control and moisture protection at the level specified by the manufacturer.

The method of installation of windows and doors must take into account various forces to which the building and the window is exposed. However, the basic principle is that the window cannot be a load bearing element of the building structure. It is only a filling for a prepared structural opening (it must not support the lintel or be pressed into the opening).

Therefore, to ensure correct function of the windows and doors it is necessary to maintain a 10-20 mm clearance between the window frame and the wall.

With regard to the heat balance of the wall, the window frame must be installed halfway through the wall thickness (for solid walls), however, not further than 150 mm from the external elevation plane, or in the insulation layer plane (for laminated walls).

The windows are mounted using the following materials:
- Bearing pads (supporting the frame from the bottom),
- Distancing pads (for positioning of the frame in relation to side walls),
- Displacing wedges,
- Steel assembly jigs,
- Dowels with metal cladding,
- Wood screws.

The surface of dowels, jigs and screws must be protected against corrosion. The pads must be made of materials capable of transmitting loads.

Window mounting sequence:
1. Check if the dimensions of the opening include the required clearance
2. Remove the casements from the frames
3. Install anchor bolts on the outer side of the frame according to the diagram.
4. Put the frame on the pads and, pushing it at the bottom, and positioning it vertically.
5. Check the position of the frame in the opening (mounting clearance, vertical and horizontal level of the frame and its diagonals), ensure proper position by means of distancing pads
6. Fasten the anchor bolts to the wall by means of dowels. Do not install windows and doors using nails or other elements destroying the window elements (except for joining of two reveals with screws, e.g. in balcony windows and doors)
7. Install window casements, and adjust if necessary.
8. De-dust and wet the joint between the wall and the frame with water and fill it with PU foam in a continuous manner. The quality of this joint determines tightness of the window mount.
9. When the foam sets and hardens, remove the wedges and distancing pads and refill the gaps with PU foam.
10. When the windows have been installed, clean the working site.

Additional notes:

- During installation remove all furniture standing near the window opening.
- During plastering and painting secure the whole window with film
- Windows must be cleaned with liquid cleaning agents. Scrubs and solvents must not be used.
- The mobile hardware elements should be lubricated with machine oil or petroleum jelly once a year.
- The distance between the anchor bolt and the corner is approx. 100 mm
- Anchor bolt spacing 500-600 mm; the number of anchor bolts is determined by the outer dimensions of the window.