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Anti-burglar protection

So far, burglary has not been particularly difficult. It is not strange that burglaries of apartments have become a mass crime. Self-confident thieves target the least secure parts of your property. In a few minutes the windows or doors are open.
In more than 70 % of cases of window burglaries, the casement is broken away from the frame: there is no need to break the glass. At the same time, statistics indicate that effective protection against intrusion is possible: in more than 45% of all attempted burglaries, anti-breaking protection thwarts burglars' efforts!

Windows with anti-breaking ROTO hardware are one of the most reliable ways of protection against intruders. Our windows offer a multilevel anti-breaking protection system.

Anti-breaking certification class 1 (WK 1): basic protection against the use of force, e.g. kicking, jumping, shoulder push.
The window strongly resists all attempts at breaking down. Special Roto NT anti-breaking elements ensure a high level of protection: anti-breaking catches and head roller corners effectively secure the window or balcony door at the four corners. Obligatory protection against drilling in the handle from the outside and the locked handle is an additional element increasing the level of safety.

Anti-breaking certification class 2 (WK2): protection against the use of tools such as screwdrivers, levers, pliers and wedges.
Anti-breaking certification class 2 with mechanical protection is an extension of class 1. Additional anti-breaking elements with head roller bolts enveloping the casement reinforce the joint between the casement and the frame. This is why the window can cope with increased loads.

Anti-breaking certification class 3 (WK 3): additional crowbar protection.
Even high requirements of anti-breaking certification class 3, taking into account that burglars may use heavy tools such as crowbars, are not a problem for Roto NT. Additional reinforcement in comparison with fixtures of classes 1 and 2 are head bolting points at the corner and anti-breaking limiter guide. Moreover, the spacing of the bolting points on the central locks has been reduced, which makes attempts at breaking the casement down from the frame even more difficult.

Additional protection is provided by a locked handle which makes the window bolting points stable and resistant to breaking attempts. Also, when the glass is partially broken near the handle, the burglar will still not be able to open the window.

To protect your house against burglary even more, we offer you P2 or P4 class anti-burglar window panels. These glass panes are characterised by a reinforced structure of laminated glass. They are produced by bonding of two or more window panels with PVB film.