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Bonded wood

Bonded pine square timber used for the production of windows and doors

Calcinated pine square timber. This product is designed for the production of wooden window frames. Suitable pine timber is selected and sawn with the final product in mind. Sawn timber obtained this way has the correct growth ring arrangement and thickness for the type of section it is designed for. Sawing is immediately followed by drying in special drying chambers until the correct level of moisture (i.e. 12%) is achieved. The timber is now ready for production processing: knots and other defects reducing strength qualities are eliminated and the final clear pieces of wood are joined by means of micro dovetails and laminated.

Pine square timber is characterised by very good mechanical properties. It is strong, stable, and easily workable (milling).

Standard sizes are 72x86, 72x105, and 72x145.

Apart from calcinated products, for the production of windows and doors we also use solid wood up to 3 metres in length. For these the outer cladding is made of solid, knotless wood. They are ideal for coating with varnish and translucent paints
We also use three-layer, solid meranti square timber (botanical name of meranti - Shorea Pauciflorea). Meranti is an exotic wood of Indonesian origin and has an interesting, mahogany-like colour.

Type Section
Apparent density (kg/m3)
72 x 86 700 - 3000 470 - 550
72 x 105 800 - 3000
72 x 115 1100 - 2100
72 x 145 1400 - 2200